helen fairy

Well that’s me another year closer to the pension as my father would say.  Or halfway to seventy as my colleague pointed out.  I celebrated my birthday in great style yesterday with homemade cards and flowers from the girls and a picnic tea on the living room floor with my family.  From Mr Austere came […]

I watched Intersteller last week. Has anybody else seen it? Of course you have – it’s a blockbuster right? So was it just me who didn’t think it was that good?  I’m not sure what it was that didn’t whet my whistle. It may have been our abortive attempt on Wednesday night when we sat […]

  I’ve got some bad news for all you Scrooges out there.  I’ve just consulted the calendar on my phone it informs me that Christmas is only five weeks away!  Eek – please tell me that I’m not the only person to only have bought one gift and it’s kind of for me anyway!   […]


  I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for weeks. Last night I went to see the band Garbage with my parents, little sister and husband.  Garbage were a big band for me as a teenager.  I remember receiving their first album in the mail as part of my Britannia music club selection.  I […]


I’m sure I’ve written a post about being ill before but since my children are sickly little creatures, here’s another one.  Sadly this time it’s not just the girls who are sick  they’ve managed to infect me too. As regular readers might remember I’m letting my blog take a bit of a back seat this […]

NaNoWriMo badge

  I’ve written 125 blog posts over the last nine months.  These are, on average 1000 words long each.  That means I have written the equivalent of a lengthy novel in the last year.   I’m proud of this achievement and what I’ve achieved with my blog in general.  I’ve built up a decent number […]